We are leaders in the use of Participatory Video as a tool for individuals and groups to grow in self-confidence and trust, and to build skills to act for change. Our Participatory Video methods value local knowledge, build bridges between communities and decision-makers, and enable people to develop greater control over the decisions affecting their lives.





  • Support a team of Participatory Video practitioners to use and build on our methods and practice by looking at the dynamics, relationships & shifts going on around the camera in a community Participatory Video project;

  • Incorporate PLA tools; all the time encouraging listening, sharing, visioning and collective decision-making;

  • Develop a global network of community-led media hubs;

  • Act as consultants to development agencies, NGO’s and research institutions by providing capacity building and mentoring through thoughtful, & rigorous methods to help them let go of control!




  • Aims to go beyond developing local participation to achieve full local ownership;

  • Has a strong focus on the Participatory Video process going on behind the technology and its ability to strengthen and support other participatory development processes;

  • Shows a unique combination of technical and facilitation skills, combines media and technology with participatory approaches and community engagement;

  • Develops and improves PV tools constantly to enhance the design, set up and implementation of projects.